Monday, March 08, 2010

Cruise Question: Organizing Homeschool Space

This week's question: "How do you organize your space? Do you have a homeschool room?" (Click on the ship to see more responses--they will be posted on Tuesday.)

Our answer: we have a rec room, which is also a TV room, computer room, and book storage facility. Ponytails' workboxes are magazine holders in a freestanding cupboard beside the computer. Crayons' workboxes are clear shoeboxes in one of the bookcases, and her pencils are stored in an end table in the living room because it's close to the kitchen where she does her work-with-Mom.

Ponytails has a table and chair there which are officially her "desk," although she often works in the dining room upstairs. Crayons also has a small table downstairs, but more often she works at the kitchen table with Mama Squirrel, or we read on the couch in the living room. They can take their workboxes (or whatever's in them) to wherever they want to work, which is usually wherever it's quiet at the time. If someone's making noise with the computer, the other person takes her book someplace else.

The Apprentice usually studies in her own room, but she has a drawer of supplies in the dining room buffet in case she needs to spread out in there.

We've tried different systems of organizing the books that we're actually using for school--having a grade whatever shelf and another grade whatever shelf. This year's books--for everyone--pretty much fit on one of the large shelves of the bookcase, as long as I keep current on what we're still reading. Books we've finished go back to their regular spaces.

And that would be...well, most of the kids' books and school books, except for their own special ones, are in the rec room bookcases. Some are currently in boxes, and a lot of the youngest-age picture books have been temporarily put in milk crates so we have more room on the shelves for current books. Where possible, it's organized by subject, but some of our books are bigger than others and some of our shelves are taller than others, so it's never worked out perfectly. But I do know, more or less, what we have and where it should be, unless something gets knocked behind something else. I still think there's a Magic Schoolhouse book down behind the bookcases (and it's been there about ten years), but we're never going to be able to get it out probably until we move and unscrew all the shelves.

Books get taken upstairs to the living room so we can read together, or by Squirrelings wanting something to read themselves, and every couple of days or so Mama Squirrel comes along and shoos them all back downstairs. The books, not the Squirrelings.

Things that need to get put up somewhere most often get stick-tacked to the kitchen wall, or sometimes they go up in the rec room or somewhere else that's handy (the dinosaur posters are on the back landing because that's where they fit best). Anything with dates on it gets stick-tacked next to the kitchen calendar. Objects of vital interest go on the fridge.

I guess you'd say that we're medium-organized.

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Birdie said...

You actually sound a bit more organized than we are. At our house, whatever books we are currently using for homeschooling tend to live on the shelf of the computer desk in my office. Actual homeschooling takes place largely in the library, kitchen, dining room or family room as needed. :)

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