Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beauty and the Blogworld

Ruth Anne, recently returned from Thailand, posts photos of her beautiful friends there.

Barb at Harmony Art Mom has been studying Thailand and other countries with her family, and posts her Weekly Wrap-Up--including photos and butterflies.

Sebastian takes in a festival in Yokosuka.

The Deputy Headmistress has been on a family trip to Philadelphia.

Ann, as usual, shares thought-provoking photos of her world.

DL on Frugal Hacks muses on the difficulty of living in one's own skin. "In no way am I minimizing the blessing of nurturing family and our own souls by the environment we create. It is just that it can be so easy to lose sight of the beauty of life lived with what is ours. Many times I have found that it is me that needs to change and not my circumstances."

Brenda posts her Sunday Afternoon Tea with a list of things that give her bliss. She wants to hear your list too.

Another list: some of the 1000 Gifts on Beck's Bounty.

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