Friday, May 07, 2010

School Plans for This Week: Repost

O little soldier with the golden helmet,
What are you guarding on my lawn?
You with your green gun
And your yellow beard,
Why do you stand so stiff?
There is only the grass to fight!

--Hilda Conkling
Backyard Nature Study: Dandelions. We have lots. done

(Printable dandelion notebooking page here)

Picture Study: John Singer Sargent, The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit done (explanations and musings at that link)

Mr. Pipes Comes to America, pages 56-70
Kim, pages 65-72 or beyond
Readings from the Gospel of John done
Added: started My Side of the Mountain together

Crayons: readings from The Insect Man, At the Back of the North Wind, Geography Can Be Fun, poems. Handwriting. Math Mammoth chapter on time. Added: learning about regular solids from Mathemagic and folding a printable dodecahedron. Extra reading.

Ponytails: readings from Tom Sawyer, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, poems. Easy Grammar Plus, Liebman's Analogies. Ongoing math, science and history. Plutarch's Life of Dion. Making things. Blogging things. Extra reading.

And I'm not sure what else.

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Molytail said...

Dandelions...when I was ten [I think? nine or ten] I'd read something in a book about 'dandelion soup' and wanted to make some. Keep in mind how old I was.... I boiled some water, threw in some dandelion bit and pieces, and added salt. Tried to eat it. GROSS. :-P

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