Monday, July 12, 2010

Smart Meter unveils a power culprit

Although we're not being billed by the Smart Meter yet, it's counting up the energy we're using and you can see--in "real time"--how much electricity is getting used. So last night Mr. Fixit went outside and watched the meter. He gave Ponytails a walkie-talkie, and Mama Squirrel got paper and pencil. We turned things on and off (like the stove, the furnace, lights), and Mr. Fixit dictated the readings through the walkie-talkie.

Towards the end of this Why-are-our-bills-so-high power search, we had almost everything in the house turned off, but something was still drawing current. Couldn't be the two small night lights...couldn't be the fridge, because it wasn't actually running at that time...

Ah ha: the computer printer. When it's on, it stays warmed up, and that draws power. That simple.

So that's one thing that's definitely getting turned off unless we're printing.

Just thought I'd pass that on.

By the way, the regular oven was confirmed to be a Very Big Power Pig...but everybody knows that. I do try to bake/cook as many things at once as I can when I do have to use it, but it really eats into the hydro bills.

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Birdie said...

Well, that is good to know! Thank you for the tip.

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