Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday thrifting, mostly books

Mostly books again this week...I needed more inspiration for an upcoming workshop.

Low Cost, no Cost Ideas for Youth Ministry $1 (I think I'll give that one to our church's youth director)

The Easter Activity Book, by Susan Vesey, 25 cents (this is an Easter-season twin to a book I posted about last Christmas)

Theme Units Kids Adore: from Ants to Zoos, Gr K-3, 50 cents

Make it Work! Plants: The Hands-On Approach to Science, 50 cents

Hieroglyphs from A to Z: A Rhyming Book with Ancient Egyptian Stencils for Kids, by Peter Der Manuelian, 50 cents. A perfect example of how to ruin an attractive and interesting book with lackluster and unnecessary rhymes.

15 Fun and Easy Games for Younger Learners: Math, by Susan Julio, 25 cents

Ancient Egypt: Facts, Stories, Activities, by Robert Nicholson and Claire Watts, 50 cents

Ancient Greece: Facts, Stories, Activities, by Robert Nicholson, 50 cents

The Usborne Time Traveller Book: Pharaoahs and Pyramids, by Tony Allan. This is one of the original-style Usborne books--it's been around since 1977. We have the Time Traveller bind-up in hardcover that includes this one plus Castle Times, Vikings, and Romans.

I Wonder Why Zippers Have Teeth, and Other Questions about Inventions, 50 cents

I Wonder Why Pyramids Were Built, and Other Questions About Ancient Egypt, 50 cents

NIV Compact Dictionary of the Bible, $1.50

Out of of the Storm, by Grace Livingston Hill, copyright 1929, 1920's or 30's printing, $1.  Last time we were at this store, I picked out two others from a bunch of these vintage GLH's; today there was only this one left.  Be warned that it contains an overdose of racial stereotyping and Aunt Jemima dialect (did they clean that up in the newer paperback edition?).  But Grace Livingston Hill's 1920's take on movie-making is interesting...also some back-bedroom brain surgery (did you know famous surgeons made house calls, scalpel in hand?)


Melissa said...

Some great finds! :o)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I was given some Gene Stratton Porter books recently and was warned the two she wrote while in California were quite racist against Japanese.

I haven't read those two yet but decided they reflect the times in which they were written.

I recently read the new autobiography by Condoleezza Rice (a fabulous book). She calls slavery and racism America's "birth defect".