Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Want to dress like Joyce Radway?*

What did those 1925 dresses look like anyway?

Lots more pictures at that link.

(*Joyce Radway is a character in Grace Livingston Hill's 1925 novel Not Under the Law.  Besides upholstering beds and saving burnt dinners, she can also make a dress overnight.  By hand.  With a collar and cuffs and a turned belt.)


christinethecurious said...

Even without fitting a waist - wow, turning a belt and adding a collar...did that character have kids?

Thanks for the wonderful costume link, I'm beginning to write knitting and crochet patterns.

-Christine in Massachusetts

Mama Squirrel said...

No, no children. But she also didn't have a sewing machine, electric lights, or running water. (When it got too dark to see, she went over to the railway station and finished sewing it there.) And at the time of making the dress, she had just been kicked out of her relatives' house and had barely eaten for about the last day or so.

That's all.

christinethecurious said...

Oh, that's all.

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