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Carnival of Homeschooling #280: Ten and Counting

Welcome to the 280th Carnival of Homeschooling!  This is our tenth time to host the Carnival of Homeschooling! You can see the other nine down there on the sidebar, including #253: Singing a Happy Song Edition, #226: Wrinkly Superhero Edition, and #162: Identity Crisis Edition.

And we have a special reason for celebrating the number 10 this week:  Crayons, the youngest Squirreling, is turning double-digits.  In Crayons' honour and for your edification, we have scattered a few choice thoughts from her younger days throughout the carnival.

So with that in mind, we open the carnival with some posts about Number Ten.


Mama Squirrel: Now it's time for memory work. We're going to say the Ten Commandments.
Crayons: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick... (2007)

Parentella presents Top 10 Myths of Homeschooling.

Parenting Squad presents 10 Household Items to Help with Sensory Integration.

Dewey's Treehouse presents 10 Good Things for Homeschoolers.


Why is the sky blue?
Because green wouldn't look right in the sky. (2006)

Candid Diversions presents "30 Benefits of Homeschooling."  "As a homeschool graduate (K-12) and now a homeschooling mother of 4, it wasn't hard to come up with a long list of things I consider benefits or advantages to homeschooling."

Children Grow Children Explore Children Learn presents Why Homeschool?

Mothers of Boys presents Mondays with Miss Mason--On Bringing Up.  "On "Bringing Up" kids rather than just educating them."

Taking Time for Things that Matter presents What Does Education Look Like? Part III: Immune to Elephants.  "Why does institutional education so often inoculate students against further learning? Here are a couple of scenes that might help you visualize the difference."  Funny, we had a similar experience once visiting elephants.


I handed Crayons (age 4) a partly-used printing book while we were doing some tablework...I thought the page about making numerals might amuse her for a few minutes. "Mommy, are these numbers capitals or lower case?" She didn't want to write numerals, though, and flipped to the back of the book where there was an introduction to cursive. "Oh kewwwwl! Cursive!" (2005)

Parent at the Helm presents Crowded Classrooms Have Families Embracing Homeschooling.  "Public school budget woes are growing the homeschooling community!"

No Fighting, No Biting! presents What happens when public schools run out of money.  "Recent proposals in Michigan and California cut weeks out of the school year rather than trim waste from the education budget."


Crayons stuck some stickers all over a piece of construction paper, and told me that each sticker was one place on the map: Russia, Australia, Niagara Falls, New York, the kitchen, heaven, where the devil lives, and where the treasure is. (2006)

The Thinking Mother talks about this season of lacrosse and a request to quit homeschooling to attend school in order to play on the high school level.

Our Curious Home presents How much Money do you have to spend on educational stuff? And Homeschool?  "A pie chart I made of my last year's expenses: because it was more fun to play with last year's banking spreadsheet than to wash the dishes, or make someone else wash them."


Crayons: This is a very fun day.

Mama Squirrel: Uh huh?
Crayons: I have nothing to do but sit back, relax, and read books. (2006)

Pjsallday.com presents What's Going On in the Burg?  Communities have lots of free events that are also lots of fun.

Why Homeschool muses on time management in Better Coordination.

Pamela presents a trip to Beautiful Bandelier at Blah, Blah, Blog.

WildIris presents A homeschool year in review.


The Legacy of Home presents Creating a 1950's- like Childhood.


Crayons and I were reading James Herriot's Moses the Kitten for school.  She snuggled against me and said, "I want to be close to you. Like Bertha."  (Bertha is the mother sow in the story.) (2008)

The Mommy Earth presents In Praise of Living Books.

Read Aloud Dad presents The Best Kept Literacy Secret: How To Double Read Aloud Time. "You know the mantra. Boost your children's exposure to books. Can you really double the read aloud time for your kids? Magically? No special programs. No 31-day tutorials. No specially "tailored" products."

Delightful Children's Books presents Read Around the World.  "My kids and I have been taking an imaginary trip around the world. We have been reading books set in countries around the world and cooking and eating many new foods. This year I compiled booklists of stories set on each continent -- Africa, Europe, Australia, The Arctic, South America, and Australia -- as well as booklists about maps and children around the world. In addition to the booklists, I created a new resource page for parents and teachers with information about an international postcard swap, read around the world book challenges, and great educational resources for learning about countries around the world: . Note: I finished these booklists up quickly when my local children's librarian informed me that the booklists could be a valuable resource for librarians. The kids and I are actually still reading about The Arctic. Also, I submitted this page once before when we first began our imaginary trip in case families wanted to join us. The page now includes a complete series of Read Around the World booklists."

Sage Parnassus presents Narrating Our Way Through Julius Caesar.


 Crayons, after watching Harry and the Hendersons:
"What is a Saskatchewan, anyway?" (2007)

Jot's Lunar Adventure presents Homeschool Myth #1: Lack of Social Skills.  "Upon learning that my daughter is homeschooled, a rude customer proceeds to tell her how inept homeschool students are at social skills. I found his hypocrisy rather amusing."


Crayons' account of a fracas she got into with Ponytails: "I was just colouring nicely, and she hit me. And after that we took turns hitting each other."  Well, at least they were polite about it. (2006)

Adventures in Mama-Land presents Back to Homeschool… and another family election! (updated with results).  "How (not?) to hold an educational family election!!! With a rather unfortunately screamy video of my homeschoolers and teens."

Barbara Frank Online presents Video Games and the Developmentally Disabled.  "Homeschooled parents might want to consider allowing their children to play video games, especially if they have a child with special needs."

Baby Steps presents Owl Puke Pellets & a Giveaway.

Nirvana Homeschooling presents Field Trip: Indiana Medical History Museum.

Consent Of The Governed presents Kill Your TV. "Many homeschoolers have already "cut the cord" - it's a wise move. Get your kids out into the world, garden, bike ride, whatever... it's better for their minds.. and it also allows for more time to read and do other useful things."

Crayons narrated, "There were all kinds of delicate foods: pastries, jelly, and meatloaf."

When I laughed, she said indignantly, "What's wrong with that? Meatloaf is nice." (2007)

And that's the end of our carnival.  If you participated this week, have a look to make sure I linked up properly and got everything the way you wanted it--and please link back! Next week's carnival will be hosted by The HomeSpun Life.  As always, you can submit entries here or here.  Many thanks to the Cates for continuing the Carnival of Homeschooling.


christinethecurious said...

Great Theme!

Amber said...

Thanks for hosting! I agree, great theme, with cute stories. Happy Birthday to Crayons, who sounds very endearing. :)

Read Aloud Dad said...

Lovely Canadian homesquirreling carnival! ;-)

Thanks so much for hosting and for including my post.

Tenth time to host, wow!

Read Aloud Dad

Barbara Frank said...

Lovely theme that celebrates a cute little girl. Happy Birthday to Crayons, and thank you for hosting the carnival and including my post.

Judy Aron said...

Wonderful carnival - well done! Thanks for including me in the count!

Lela said...

What a wonderful resource! Thank you for including the post about sensory integration from Parenting Squad. Back to the mission,
Lela Davidson
Editor, Parenting Squad

Mrs. Brooke said...

I enjoyed this immensely, thank you!

Sherri said...

This is my first carnival and it's been great! Nice theme!

naganpets said...

interesting stories and wonderful carnival and celebration with Crayon birthday..

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