Saturday, May 07, 2011

Neat thing from a yard sale

Found at a yard sale this morning:  a science kit from about 1990 called "Mechanics Kit," similar in concept to this kit but without the battery-run parts.  It was designed by "Tree of Knowledge (1979) Kibbutz Yasur, Israel," and I think it's a very clever and versatile concept--especially for a quarter.  I think this is something that Crayons could use for science next year.

It's all plastic; you get two sizes of wheels, some small plastic pins, a propeller, a chassis for a vehicle, a couple of triangular supports, and a few miscellaneous things.  Using rubber bands and a balloon, you can turn the parts into various kinds of simple machines, make a rubber-band motor, build a wagon, demonstrate tensile strength, build a cantilever bridge using strips of cardboard, and more.  I don't think the kit is still in production, though--too bad! 

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Melissa said...

Really, you are the-finder-of-super-cool-stuff!

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