Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Found at the thrift store

Today there were lots of books coming in, and lots of empty shelves to fill, so it was a busy afternoon in the thrift store.

Crayons brought home a dress, a Christmas stocking, and a video.

Mama Squirrel found these books (among the ones she didn't chuck):

Just what I was hoping for!  I had finished Eliot's Scenes of Clerical Life and Silas Marner, and wanted to start one of her big fat ones.

The Story of Mary McLeod Bethune: She Wanted to Read.  We had a copy of this before, but some of the pages were missing.
Milo Winter's Aesop for Children, in hardcover (nicer than our paperback copy).

The Manger is Empty, by Walter Wangerin, Jr.

One Hundred Years of Poetry for Children, published by Oxford University Press.  It followed me home and I'm keeping it.

The most interesting one I didn't buy?

Earth Hell and Heaven: in the Art of William Kurelek, by Ilse Friesen.  From  "William Kurelek is one of the most important and original painters of Canada. Many of his works now are housed in the major galleries of Canada and internationally. Kurelek's work is also an important exploration of the interface between the artist's religious and critical interpretations of modern technological and humanist culture."

Strangest item today:  an unopened package of do-it-yourself divorce forms.  I guess that means there was a happy ending?


Karen G. said...

I *love* Middlemarch--my favorite so far of Eliot's work. And Kurulek (I confess I've never heard of him) sound like a very Polish name...

Mama Squirrel said...

Close--his family was Ukrainian.