Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: the It's About Time Edition

Welcome to this week's Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!  It's still a couple of weeks until New Year's, but with this week's theme of Timelines and Books of the Centuries, a tribute to Father Time seems appropriate.

Introducing the World presents Our Timeline, As It Now Stands, saying, "A simple, not-too-expensive, reusable timeline for early elementary students."
Harmony Art Mom presents History Timeline with Notebook Pages in High School, saying, "Our high school version of a timeline using notebooking pages, narration, and then working it into a formal essay."
PracticalPages presents Taking Time to do Timelines, saying, "Our timeline is full and crowded at the end of each year -clusters of events, inventions, major changes and important people …"
The Tiger Chronicle presents A new dynasty. "Here we are, at the start of the Plantagenets."
Book of Centuries 
Fisher Academy International presents Our Book of Centuries: A Pictoral Update.  "Previously, we only kept a communal timeline notebook (the littles still add to this one), but this year my boys have been keeping their own; adding entries on a weekly sometimes daily basis."
Ambling presents The Evolution of Our Book of Centuries, saying, "I’ve learned a lot from creating our Book of Centuries – The people and events which were contemporaneous (up through the 1800’s anyway), how Charlotte Mason used the BOC in her schools, and most importantly the simple fact that the less I talk, the more Georgianna learns!"

All Things Charlotte Mason

All That's Goood presents Glorified Map Drill, saying, "Last week we skipped doing map drill due to important interruptions. However that led us to something even better this week. In an attempt to save the map drill lesson I ended up incorporating it into a project we were doing with some info from our reading this week."
Changing Times
 ~ a teaching heart ~ presents Beethoven helps us be thankful, saying, "At 14 his father’s voice, the chief source of income for the family was gone. The responsibility now fell to Beethoven to earn a living for his family.  At 14? Times are so different now, any given 14 year old now, in affluent western culture, would be hard pressed to earn a living for their family."
Time for Poetry
Sage Parnassus presents Love All Lovely, a favourite Christina Rossetti poem.
Time to Listen
A peaceful day presents On audiobooks.  "When she is grown, I hope Jemimah remembers these days with pleasure. I hope she will be able to hear her old friends speaking aloud to her, each in her own special voice. And behind it all, I hope she hears the love in her mother's voice as she says, Try. Tri. Triantiwonti. Triantiwontigongolope."
Time for Art
Blah, Blah, Blog presents Awesome Art History.  "The funny thing was, when it was time for Art History, no one wanted to leave. Every single kid stayed. I'm pretty sure they initially stayed just to continue hanging out and having fun with their friends, but by the end of the first workshop, I think I had most of them actually interested. Even the boys....in art....Renaissance paintings no less."

Hodgepodge presents Christmas Ornament: A Pastels Tutorial, saying, "A simple lesson you can enjoy this week before Christmas!"
Outdoor Time

Dewey's Treehouse presents Our nature find of the year (book review). "Imagine that you have a groovy grandma who loves to spend long rambling afternoons with you, who tells you equally rambling stories about stuff that happened fifty years ago, who can show you how to make everything from a wooden spoon to a pine needle basket to a rope swing, and who knows the names of just about everything that wiggles, flies or grows around you."

Handbook of Nature Study presents Outdoor Hour Challenge - Preparation for Winter #2 Animals, saying, "Hoping some families will want to join in our winter challenges. This one is to get us thinking about how animals prepare for winter."

Time for What's Important

Holistic Homeschooler presents The Face of Homeschooling: Interview with Blossom.  "Q. What’s been the most rewarding part of your homeschooling experience?  A. The chance to get to know my kids more. To spend time in the middle of the day with them. And the time we get to spend as a family that we wouldn't if they were still in public school."
That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival using our carnival submission form.  And stay tuned for more CMBC in the New Year.

P.S.  We have been having some trouble with the carnival submission page.  So if you submitted a post before the deadline and do not see it here, please leave a comment and we'll check into it.

Father Time clip art found at Webweaver's Free Clipart.


Nancy said...

This looks wonderful and just the thing for me to read during this Christmas break!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours,



amy in peru said...

Yay! I can't wait to read through the posts as usual :) Thanks for hosting the carnival!


amy in peru

Amy Dumas said...

The carnival looks wonderful! Love the images you choose! Could you share the code for your AO button? I would love to have one on my blog.
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Mama Squirrel said...

Amy, are you subscribed to the main AO list? Sign in on the Yahoo page and look in the shared files: there's a folder called something like Spread the Word, and the code is in there. Hope that helps.

Michelle said...

Thanks for hosting! Can't wait to sit down and go through all the posts!

Nadene said...

What a lovely carnival - I really enjoyed spending time reading through these posts ... A Peaceful Day's article on audio books was so thought-provoking! Thank you for hosting!

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