Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Festival of Frugality #309: Don't Be a Cash Potato Edition

This week's Festival of Frugality takes its inspiration from Prairie Eco Thrifter's post I Exercised at Home for 25 Years and So Can You.  From couch potato to cash potato, P.E.T.'s principles can be applied to many areas of the frugal life.

Principle 1: Wake Up Your Body 

No more excuses: just get moving on it.

You Have More Than You Think presents How To Instantly Improve Your Living Conditions When Money Is Low And Times Are Tough.  "Just because you can’t get everything you want, doesn’t mean you’re free to let what you have fall apart."

 Watson Inc presents Is It Possible To Live Without Debt?.

 One Cent at a Time presents Only you can take care of your finance. "You, only you are responsible for your own financial life."

Principle 2: Make It Routine

Good habits are important.

The Frugal Toad presents ShopSmart Poll - Coupon Savings are Real.

Begging To Retire presents Fast Food Is More Expensive Than You Think. "After spending more than $100 at a fast food restaurant just for a grilled chicken value meal, I'm reconsidering my eating habits."

Michael So You Think You can Save presents 7 Ways To Save Money On Gas. "Don't just follow these habits when gas prices are high. Follow them all the time for the maximum savings."

Passive Family Income presents Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Overspending at the Grocery Store and How to Stop.

 Money Mum presents 6 Tips for Eliminating Food Waste.

Dewey's Treehouse presents I am Not an Anomaly, I Just Make Dinner.

Principle 3: Do Different Things

Mix it up a bit. Try different angles.

 Financial Highway presents 50 Home Business Ideas.

 Thirty Six Months presents 11 Cheap gift ideas for co-workers.

 PT Money Personal Finance presents Just in Time for Christmas: Toy Rental Service.

Money Is the Root suggests The Gift of Want.  "If your child is asking and hoping for an expensive gift item this year, you may want to gear up to handle disappointment if they don’t receive it.  One way to do so is to give them the gift of want."

 Free Money Wisdom presents Can Doin' It Yourself Save You Money?

Free By 50 asks Is Cheap Gasoline Bad for Your Car?

Boomer & Echo presents ecoEnergy Retrofit Program. "With the ecoEnergy retrofit program, Canadian homeowners are eligible to receive up to $5,000 in grants."

Principle 4: Do Something, No Matter How Little

As Bobo the Bear says in Muppets From Space: "Baby Steps."

Bucksome Boomer asks Are You Piddling Away Your Money?

Shopping Detox presents Stocking stuffers: cute, or a threat to humanity?

Principle 5: Feel Superior – Stay Motivated

Give yourself a financial pep talk when you're tempted to slack off.

 CardHub.com presents Card Hub’s 6 Credit Predictions for 2012.  "Foresight is key in finance, so let’s make some predictions for things that will affect your wallet in 2012."
 Wallet Blog asks How Much Does Watching TV Really Cost You?

 Money Talks Coaching wonders Did a 3 Hour Sales Pitch Get Me to Open My Wallet?

 CreditDonkey presents Happy Holiday Means Staying Out of Debt.

Principle 6: Be Selfish – Make It ‘ME’ Time 

Look for ways to make your saving efforts enjoyable.

 My Dollar Plan presents Throw a Holiday Party without Breaking the Bank.

Squirrelers presents Sometimes the Best Things in Life are Actually Free. "We often get so caught up in making and saving money, that we might overlook the reality that some of the great moments in life are free."

Smart on Money presents Appreciate What You Have and Enjoy It!

ReadyForZero Blog presents 4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid During The Holidays.  "There are now only 23 days left in December — and the holidays will be over before you know it. Take it all in. Believe it or not, that’s the financially smart thing to do!"

Principle 7: Use Electronics 

Or other make-it-easy resources that get you moving.

HowToSaveMoney.ca presents How to Minimize Your Cell Phone Bill with a Smart Phone and Data Plan.

Penny Pinching Professional presents Cell Phones Are Like Soup?.

Dough Roller presents 15 Ways to Slash Your Cell Phone Bill.

Bargaineering presents What Tax Bracket Am I In?

Principle 8: My Equipment 

Don't get oversold. Use what you have, and make the most of what you do buy. Comparison shop.

 Thriftability presents Save Money at Home: Use What You've Got.

The Family Wallet presents Easy Ways to Save Money on Glasses and Contacts.

Lazy Man and Money recommends Things I Like: Progressive International's Lettuce Keeper.

NerdWallet Credit Card Blog presents Nerd Q&A: What Are the Best Credit and Debit Cards to Travel With?

Free From Broke presents What Are Consumer Driven Health Plans and How do They Work for You?

Beating Broke presents Save on Health Insurance with These Tips.

Principle 9: Exercise Other Times as Well

Find ways to integrate your financial skills and creativity into new areas of your life.

20s Finances presents Graduation from College and Its Financial Challenges.

 Money Cone asks If You Are Happy with Your Big Bank, Should You Still Switch to a Credit Union?

 Free Money Finance presents Six Steps to Making a Successful Low-Ball House Offer.

And that's all for this week.  Next week's carnival will be hosted at Help Me to Save, which also happens to be the host this week of the Totally Money Carnival #46: Countdown to Christmas.  If you're looking for even more ways not to be a cash potato.


MoneyCone said...

I have to say a very nice roundup! Thanks for the inclusion.

Paul @ The Frugal Toad said...

Nice roundup and thanks for the reminder to exercise!

Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter said...

Thanks so much for using Marie's post as the inspiration for the carnival. It is an honour. Great job on the links.

Karen Bryan said...

Thanks for reminding me I'm hosting next week's Festival of Frugality and for linking to Totally Money Carnival I hosted yesterday.

I think I may be overdosing on carnival hosting. as I'm also down to host Totally Money again on 2 January.

Karen Bryan said...

I wonder if you can please assist. I am hosting the Frugality Carnival on Tuesday. I think Ryan emailed me on Wednesday about this but I deleted his email in error. I've emailed him twice but no reply. Can you tell me how I can access the submitted posts to start collating the Carnival?

Thanks Karen

Mama Squirrel said...

Karen, I'll contact you through your blog.

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