Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm not much of a community cook

Over the years, I have been given a few "community cookbooks" as gifts.  It's nice to know that the gift-giver is supporting a good cause and thinking of our culinary enjoyment at the same time.  One of the volunteers at the thrift store says that church cookbooks are her all-time favourite source of good recipes, since everyone sends in their tried-and-true, best stuff--right?

However, community cookbooks and I do not always get along, for a few reasons.  They're often full of recipes using ingredients that I don't have.  They often lack an index, or have a lot of typing errors, or the recipes are just so non-standard as to be almost impossible to follow.  "One bottle ginger ale" does not give me enough information to know how much gets poured over the pork chops.  I don't mind if it's something like "brown a pound of hamburger and add some chopped onion."  That, I can figure out.  But it would be helpful for them to say, at least, "a big bottle" or "a little bottle," when it's obviously something you're supposed to be adding in a specific amount. I was looking through one of those cookbooks today, I think I found the recipe that takes the prize for "hunh??" value:  "Chicken Casserole." 

The recipe lists ingredients such as a can of cream soup, chopped celery, onion, pepper.  The directions:  combine it all and put it in a baking dish.  The afterthought:  top with the chicken and bake.

Where'd that chicken come from? Whole? Legs? Arms? Leftover from last night? Still flapping? (Sorry...I just had visions of Amelia Bedelia trying to follow this recipe.)

Beats me.
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Annie Kate said...

Oh, that's so funny! I love community cookbooks too, but perhaps 'my' cookbooks had better recipe writers! :)

Mind you, our cookbooks have a few crazy ones, too.

As for the Waterloo tests, thanks for adding the details. That's how our kids do them, but I forgot to point that out.

The past tests are good for ordinary practice, too, though. We always learn a lot while studying for them.

Have a blessed weekend.

Annie Kate

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