Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday feasting and fasting: a quote from Mitford

"Good Friday was a fast day, and though Cynthia later vowed she'd asked for something "very simple," Lily-who-cooks-for-parties had done herself proud.

"Cheese grits, bacon, fried apples, scrambled eggs, drop biscuits, and cream gravy sat in bowls and platters on the pine table.  She had also fried up half the sausage...How could he eat such a feast when his commitment was to fast?

"'Anyhow, it ain't from me; it's from Daisy.  Daisy does sausage.  I don't have nothin' to do with sausage makin'!  No, sir, it's way too messy.  I'll never make no sausage...'

"'I believe Lily is the one who also sews, dear.'

"'Oh, no, ma'am, that's Rose as sews.  I'm not facilitated to do nothin' but cook an' clean.'

"'Let's pray,' he said."--Jan Karon, Light from Heaven

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