Friday, May 18, 2012

YahOOO, we get spam

I thought this was kind of funny...

The spam box in the Treehouse email account had one message in it today, supposedly from the "Yahoo E-Mail Team."  If you look that one up online, it's reported as a big bad e-mail scam that you do not want to open.

But the giveaway, if you looked closely enough, was that it was from the Yahooo E-Mail Team.

I'm not that stooopid.

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I am Kirsji said...

Oooh, I wonder how many people would notise that extra 'o' in there! I'd probably be one of the dumb ones to go and open it and then click on all the links ... because when you click on them they turn different colours! :)

Sometimes, I hate people!

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