Friday, November 23, 2012

A hidden crochet treasure at Cobbler's Cabin

Awhile back, Dollygirl and I tried crocheting 18-inch doll vests together--I would get a row done, then show her what to do next on hers.  We got partway through the pattern and then gave up--the way the pattern was written just didn't make sense.

Cobbler's Cabin has a free doll crochet pattern called "Western Gear," which includes a vest, and this one does work.  It's not for absolute beginners, but anyone who's okay with counting stitches should be able to handle it.  I added a couple of rows of single and double crochet and turned it into a short-sleeved sweater.

Not sure if we have a photo going yet of that; I'll post one when we do.  But I thought it was worth passing on anyway.

(If anyone tries the hat, I'd like to hear how that went!)

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