Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Making the most of December

Don't be misled by the subject line:  we are not dropping everything to do a Christmas unit study or make cookies.  Although cookies will probably sneak in there somewhere.

December is, in fact, the start of our second term; and for Ambleside Online Year Six, it starts the study of the ancient world.  Mostly Greece and Rome, but other cultures work their way in as well.

Since the first two weeks of our term, plus one "pre-Christmas week," are separated from the rest of the term by the Christmas holidays...and because we are still finishing up some non-history Term One readings... we're going to start things out a bit differently from the AO schedule. 

Next week's plans look like this:

Continue reading Basic Bible Studies, Albert Einstein, Pericles, Cymbeline, God's Smuggler.

Read "Uncle Eric" chapter 14 (it's short), "How to Stop Learning."  Also called "Beware of Certainty."

For math, we are going to try reading some of The Number Devil, which I found at the thrift store.  This is more of an experiment than anything else, especially because the reviews on Amazon are kind of mixed.

Poetry, art, and music:  I'm still working on those.
Read Motel of the MysteriesYes, the "ancient urn" stuff is extremely silly, and some people will not like the skeletons.  But it does make good points about making assumptions.

(I like the banana part near the beginning!  Obviously some kind of weapon...)
Start reading Usborne World History: Ancient World. It's the usual Usborne style, double-page spreads full of this and that. The goal is to go over the ancient cultures (pre-Greek).  We've talked about many of them before, so it should be mostly review.

And some time for Christmasy stuff too.

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