Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Plans for Tuesday

Oh, those best-laid plans...I had everything laid out for yesterday's school, and then we got waylaid by a box...a big box of Dollygirl's old, stashed stuff that needed to be cleaned out (and mostly dumped), and that kept her busy on the floor while I read out loud what could be read out loud, plus an extra chapter of God's Smuggler

When the box was almost at its end, I happened to mention something about Hansel and Gretel: an Opera Fantasy, and Dollygirl said that she couldn't remember ever watching it.  The older girls saw it more than once, but I guess she was too young to remember it.  We put the video in and spent 72 minutes watching Hansel and Gretel, while Dollygirl finished emptying the box.

So there were a few things yesterday that we didn't get to, mostly the ones (like Shakespeare, and browsing the birdwatching guide) that would have required Dollygirl to lose cleaning momentum.

Today's plans do not include a box.

They do include:

Bible study



Browsing through Peter Menzel's Material World, which we borrowed from a friend since our library system no longer has a copy  (counts as geography)

Minds on Math 8:  continue the chapter on proportion and scaling

Einstein biography

Composition and Grammar:  continue "How to Write Without Flab."

The Aeneid of Virgil.

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