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Dollygirl's Grade Six: Where We're At

We are in the tenth week of our twelve-week term, so time is starting to feel a little tight, especially because many of the Term One books for Year Six don't cross over into the next term.  Year Six is divided into a study of the twentieth century (Term One) and ancient history (Terms Two and Three).  So there's a more-than-usual sense that we had better get moving.

How have we been doing on the real, actual, Ambleside Online Year Six books? (Note: please see the AO Year Six page for the official version, with all terms and options included.)

Bible Study

No specific study guide or curriculum is given, but we are using Francis Schaeffer's Basic Bible Studies.

World History

Story of Mankind or Child's History of the World:  we aren't doing either of these, because Story of the World was enough along with Canadian history

Story of the World, Vol 4: The Modern Age by Susan Wise Bauer pgs 244-474:  we are up to page 385, so we'll have to pick and choose from the last decades of the 20th century.

History Tales and/or Biography

"Select a book from the Free Reading selections":  we chose God's Smuggler, and it probably won't be finished this term, but we'll just continue with it.


AO Year 6 suggestions:  It Couldn't Just Happen by Lawrence Richards; Secrets of the Universe: Discovering the Universal Laws of Science by Paul Fleisher, or his newer books, etc.  We substituted The Great Motion Mission for this term (we had already read It Couldn't Just Happen), and we're done reading the main story although there is much more you could do with the book.  For the remaining three weeks, we'll focus on the Einstein biography (below), and do a few hands-on activities relating to the light and sound concepts we've read about.  Dollygirl also went to a program at the local airport, about the science of flight.

Science Biography

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity by Robert Cwiklik:  we're about halfway through this, but if we push a bit, we can finish it.

Natural History / Nature Study

School of the Woods by William J. Long:  this has not been a great success with Dollygirl, for various reasons.  It's supposed to extend into Term Two, but I think that would be prolonging the misery, so we'll move on.

As far as outdoor exploration goes...the weather has been pretty rotten this fall, and that's all I have to say about it.

Plutarch's Lives

We have finished only four of the twelve lessons from the Life of Pericles, but if we keep going until the Christmas break, we can probably get done.

Shakespeare Play

We are partway through Cymbeline.


Instead of Bulfinch's Age of Fable, we are reading N.B. Taylor's retelling of The Aeneid.  It's good reading, but you can't go too fast--we will probably continue this into next term.


The Story of David Livingstone by Vautier Golding:  We substituted some more general geography material for this term.


Term One: Robert Frost :  We have been reading Frost's book of poems You Come Too, along with Robert Frost: America's Poet.

Literature (Novels)
The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien:  The AO schedule actually allows 16 weeks for this book, but we're ahead on it.

Picture Study and Composer Study

The trip to the Emily Carr exhibit was pretty much the end of our term's artist study.  We focused on art this term and let music go, except for singing.

Additional Books for Free Reading

Out of the "official" suggested extra reading list, Dollygirl has read (in this term) Number the Stars (on audiobook), and some of The Ark...that's about it. She has been re-reading some books of her own choice, such as Melissa Wiley's Martha and Charlotte books; and she read Naomi's Road, a Canadian book about Japanese internment during WWII.

Additional Subjects and Books not on the AO Schedule

French, Math, Composition and Grammar, Life Skills, Handicrafts:  Term goals for these aren't spelled out in the AO curriculum, so we are just continuing on.

Citizenship:  We are reading the first "Uncle Eric" book, and will continue with that.

Canadian history:  We are reading from Janet Lunn's Story of Canada, and have supplemented that with local references, newspaper clippings, and books such as Hana's Suitcase.

Miscellaneous Stuff:  Volunteering, drama group, swimming lessons.

Summing Up

We haven't done too badly this term; I said "we" deliberately, since Dollygirl may be the one doing schoolwork, but I am usually the one trying to keep us on track.  There are only so many school hours in the day!  I think that the next two terms will be more of a challenge to keep up with:  Greek and Roman history, plus The Sea Around Us, Animal Farm, and other new books.

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