Sunday, November 04, 2012

Free is always nice

Amy Dacyczyn once said, "For me, it's fun to take money out of the equation."

It's even more fun when you're not expecting it.

Here are a few freebies that we've come across recently.

1.  Free admission to a large art gallery, on the last weekend of the Emily Carr exhibition.  This gallery offers free admission on particular days during the month, none of which worked for us, so we were expecting (and willing) to pay the full price.  But since they were officially "between exhibits," admission was free all weekend; we just had to pay for parking.  If you want to take the chance of waiting until near the end of something--or love an exhibit and wish you could go back--this might be worth checking out at your own local gallery or museum.

2.  Free bags of snack mix from the farm stand, when Mr. Fixit and Dollygirl went out to buy pumpkins.  The farm stand --really a small market--closes for the season on the last day of October, and they had last-minute discounts and giveaways.

3.  Free for Kindle right now:  Make Your Own Kindle Cover - VOLUME 2 - THE SLIGHTLY MORE CHALLENGING (BUT STILL SUPER-EASY) COVERS (Fun, Easy, (And Cheap) No-Sew Kindle Covers For The Frugal Do-It-Yourselfer) by Evie Grundler.

4.  Basically-free Hallowe'en costumes for Squirrelings:  Ponytails wore a pair of taped-up glasses, a necktie, and one of Mama Squirrel's sweaters, and said she was a nerd.  The Apprentice wore a hat, coat and handknitted scarf to science class, and said she was the Fourth Doctor.  (Some of her friends showed up as later Doctors.)  Dollygirl made herself a cat costume from a pair of black pants and a Hello Kitty sweater, and she made ears to match her doll's.

5.  Basically-free Hallowe'en costumes for Dollygirl's dolls.  Not something we do every year, but we had fun making small-size dressups this time.

6.  A source of free boxes for shipping Mr. Fixit's restored radios.  In the good old days, "free boxes" would have sounded like a no-brainer.  These days, they're as scarce as paper grocery bags.  One store offered to SELL him their empties, for several dollars apiece.  (No thanks.)  But he did manage to find one place where they'd rather give him the boxes than go to the trouble of taking them out behind the store and smashing them up.

7.  A free haircut for Mr. Fixit, since the Apprentice is home for the weekend.  And that's a Good Thing.  (That she's home, I mean.)

8.  (Bonus freebie)  Free radio entertainment, one of our favourite AND stories.  (Does anyone else out there still listen to Adventures in Odyssey reruns?) We especially like AM740's Theatre of the Mind, classic radio dramas that come on at 10:00 every night.  (We get to listen to them on the vintage radios Mr. Fixit is testing.) Not for young kids (Bill Cosby wasn't the only person to have his pants scared off by radio shows), but it can be a fun way to unwind--and you can crochet or whatever while you're listening.

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Charlotte Mason in the City said...

It's nice to see Amy Dacyczyn's name here. Her books were an inspiration to me years ago. Wow, what a nice reminder to see her name and remember some of her frugal and simple-living ideas.

I enjoyed reading yours list of freebies.

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