Monday, November 19, 2012

How was YOUR afternoon?

This turned out to be a strange sort of day.  Two of Dollygirl's friends are sisters; they go to a private school, which had no school today for some reason, and they invited her to come over for the afternoon.

Mr. Fixit got an email notification that we had missed a package delivery last Friday; that was impossible, since at the time they supposedly tried to deliver it, we would have been sitting in the kitchen eating supper, a few feet from the door.  But our address is similar to another one at the other end of town, and we've noticed that if you try to find our house on a GPS, the other place often comes up.  Anyway, the package got sent to a postal outlet at the other end of town (reason two to think that they probably just went to the wrong house). 

So we went and got the package.  And then we came back to our end of town and did a bank errand, which took two installments and a trip to the Starbucks next door while we waited for some paperwork.

And we went to one of the only stores in town that still sells Advent candles.  I haven't even been able to find generic purple and pink candles anywhere this year, so we went for the "official" kind.

We also bought a new book of Advent devotions,  while we were there, called Illuminate.  This one came out last year, and the same author has a newer book this year, Anticipate; but we liked the look of the first one better. 

Besides, it's our favourite Advent colour: blue.

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