Thursday, November 01, 2012

Making clipboards from old book covers

Ever since last year's Handmade Holidays roundup, I have been keeping my eyes open for "mini clipboards" to decorate, but have never found any around here.  Oh well...good idea, but no big deal.

But I just found another handmade clipboard idea that made me laugh.  How about using the backs of old hardcover books, plus binder clips, to make any-size decoupaged  clipboards?

Well, ripped-up old hardcover books, I can easily find.  Most of the recycle-bin dregs wouldn't make very attractive clipboards, but I can see the about one made out of a salvaged Nancy Drew book, or a cookbook, or something?  If we can frame cover art, and LP covers...why not?   Maybe you could even use something like Little Golden Book covers, if the insides were beyond repair.  I think the idea is that you're supposed to add stickers or other paper trims to dress them up, before brushing with glue or ModPodge; but if you had something cool and vintage, you might not even have to do that.

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