Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thrift store Wednesdays: of customers and books

As the little girl on Noddy used to say, "It was a busy day in Toyland..."  I had people asking for home renovation books, A.A. books, Ideals books (we made some guy very happy with a pile of those)...about the only person I didn't see was the man who asks for books about cathedrals.  (No, we didn't get any of those in.)

What I didn't find:  any of the small things on my Christmas brainstorming list.

What I did bring home:  Martha Stewart's Good Things for Organizing; John Buchan's John Macnab (just a Wordsworth Classics paperback); A History of Chesley Lake Camp (gift for a family member, probably); and a really interesting book called 'Twas Seeding Time: A Mennonite View of the American Revolution, by John L. Ruth, published in 1976 (oh, I get it--the Bicentennial).

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