Monday, December 31, 2012

Dewey's Favourite Christmas Songs: Day 31, and a Prayer for Peace

For our last Dewey's Christmas Songs post, I've picked something really different.

But it seems to fit with New Year's Eve.  It's 1939, and what you're seeing is footage of French soldiers celebrating Christmas.  The singer is Tino Rossi"Prior to World War II Rossi was a major box office attraction in the French speaking world but expanded his audience to America with a 1938 visit followed up by wartime tours across the USA and Canada....In 1946, his song "Petit Papa Noël" sold more than thirty million copies worldwide. A Christmas classic for the family, the song still sells by the thousands each Yuletide season....Tino Rossi is the most popular personality to ever come from Corsica other than Napoleon Bonaparte." (Wikipedia)

The images of barbed wire aren't cheerful, but they do inspire prayers for peace and safety in 2013.

Dove image found here.

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