Saturday, December 01, 2012

From the archives: Mama Squirrel plays Seven Things

First posted December 2005.  (Excerpt of longer post.)

Things that attract me to my husband

1. He doesn't watch sports on TV

2. He's a very decisive shopper (he's even good at picking kids' shoes)

3. He still has hair

4. He has chips-and-pop-and-card parties with the kids when I go to meetings

5. He can install just about anything

6. He insists on comparing us to almost every couple we watch on TV or in a movie (my favourite is when he said the two of us were very much like Herman and Lily Munster)

Seven Things I Say Most Often

I had no idea what to put for this so I very gingerly asked two of the Squirrelings to write down what they thought (under threat of coal in their stockings if they wrote anything really embarrassing).

Here's The Apprentice's List:

1. "Television is not a right, it is a privilege and it can be taken away." (My note: did I ever really say that??)
2. "Look what the DHM put on her blog!"
3. "Let's sing ANOTHER Advent song."
4. "Those Bratz dolls are hideous."
5. "That was NOT a good prayer." (My explanation: I am not attempting to criticize anyone else's theology, but I do say it if someone rattles off grace a little too fast.)
6. "Apprentice, get off of your tush and do some work."
7. "When I was a kid, there were quality toys in the stores." (I'm not sure about the truth of that of the seventies were only slightly less junky than the ones sold now. We had our share of things that took ten batteries or broke after two days.)

Here's Ponytails' list, written all by herself with The Apprentice as spellchecker. [Note: Ponytails would have been nine that year.]

1. "I love you, Ponytails. Kiss, hug."
2. "I like you, Ponytails."
3. "Let's eat."
4. "New stuff in the shops are junk."
5. "Charlotte Mason is great."
6. "Do some school work, Apprentice."
7. "I love you, Apprentice. Kiss, hug."

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