Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A funny story, sort of

Grandpa Squirrel was here on the weekend, and the conversation got on to Shakespeare plays and Shakespeare movies, and times in our lives when we had been to the theatre, and famous people we saw, even if we didn't know how famous they were, or were going to be.

Afterwards, I started thinking back to the first two plays I ever saw at the Stratford Festival.  I went as part of a middle-school kind of summer day camp--they wangled cheap group tickets for us.  The first year, we saw Love's Labour's Lost, with Martha Henry as the Princess of France and  Richard Monette as Berowne.

The second year, we saw The Seagull, which was very inappropriate but which I didn't understand much of anyway so it didn't matter.  Who's the actress on the right? (Sorry it's a bit blurry.)
Oh--right. I knew I'd seen her somewhere before.

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Dual Role Grandma said...


I grew up in Chicago, and had access to a lot of live theater. But my first real experience was at the Goodman Children's Theater for the Canterville Ghost. The Ghost? A very young Joe Mantegna. Yours is better, though.

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