Saturday, January 05, 2013

Books to celebrate Twelfth Night

Besides Twelfth Night, of course.

The Happy Orpheline, by Natalie Savage Carlson
"You won't forget to put the bean in the cake, will you?" they asked her anxiously.
The bean was the most important part of the Kings' cake on the Feast of Epiphany.  Whoever found the bean in her piece of cake was queen for the rest of the day.  Yvette had found the bean the year before and she was still acting queenly about it.
Roller Skates, by Ruth Sawyer
From Christmas on not a moment was wasted.  Tony painted and whittled; Miss Nettie and Lucinda sewed; Miss Peters was chief critic and helped Lucinda boil down the play to a proper length...she said: "Slowly, go more slowly.  If a play, a book, a story is worth sharing at all it is worth giving time to."
Changes for Josefina: A Winter Story, by Valerie Tripp and Susan McAliley
"Josefina and her sisters try to find a way to keep their beloved Tia Dolores from leaving their ranch amid the excitement of the Feast of the Three Kings, the last day of the Christmas season."
 Do you know of any others?

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