Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Zamboni birthday, and some carnivals

Did you notice the very cute Zamboni Google doodle today?  The greatest invention ever, right?  I mean the Zamboni, not the doodle.

Our review of The Number Devil is included in this week's Math Teachers at Play carnival #58, which is hosted at Let's Play Math and which is a good read in itself.  Seriously, some carnivals are BOR-ing to read through (especially if the hosts just cut and paste the HTML entries), but this one is always a notch above, both in amazing posts (these are people--homeschoolers as well as classroom teachers and others--who love their subject) and in hosting style.  There are also great links and awful jokes.

Golden Grasses hosts the Carnival of Homeschooling: Seasons Edition.

Catching up with last week's Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival:  I was a little confused last week over where it was supposed to be, but here it is at The Holistic Homeschooler.  It's short, but interesting.  The January 22nd carnival will be on the theme of CM's Volume 6, Chapter 1: Self Education.
The title of this chapter may awaken some undeserved sympathy*; gratifying visions of rhythmic movements, independent action, self-expression in various interesting ways, occur to the mind––for surely these things constitute 'self-education'? Most of these modern panacea are desirable and by no means to be neglected; limbs trained to grace and agility, a hand, to dexterity and precision, an eye made to see and an ear to hear, a voice taught to interpret,––we know to-day that all these possibilities of joy in living should be open to every child, and we look forward even too hopefully to the manner of citizen who shall be the outcome of our educational zeal. ~~ beginning of chapter 1
*Those are Charlotte's code words for "watch out, you might think what I'm describing is the real thing, but you're about to get Zambonied."

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