Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thrift Store Wednesdays: bring in your pennies

Our thrift store is participating in MCC's current drive to collect pennies for tree-planting in Haiti. Collecting pennies is not a new idea, but there's an extra encouragement right now for people to dump in their stashed coins: Canada has minted its last one-cent coin, after figuring that it was costing a cent and a half to make each coin. Canadian pennies will soon be no more; cashiers will be rounding off to the nickel. So if you can't spend them--plant a tree with them!

What came home today?

Two books about radios, for Mr. Fixit

No Little People, by Francis Schaeffer

 The Fellowship of the Ring, to read with Dollygirl

 A Patricia St. John novel for Dollygirl (one if the older, unadulterated editions)

 That's all!

1 comment:

The Apprentice said...

If she likes it and wants to read the rest of the trilogy, it's on my bookshelf, go right ahead. Also if she'd like to see the movies, I thought they were quite well done and could censor some of the rather gruesome battles, I know she doesn't like that.

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