Monday, January 14, 2013

True, Shocking, Frugal Treehouse Secrets

1.  We have a VCR and we're still buying movies for it.

2.  Our furnace needs replacing.  Mr. Fixit was hoping the world would end December 21st so that we wouldn't have to worry about it, but it didn't, and so far the furnace is still running.

3.  Windows XP is still a current operating system--isn't it?

4.  We still have crayons and a few markers left over from the Apprentice's early years (so, maybe eighteen years old?), and an occasional pencil crayon going back to Mama Squirrel's school days.  We like to do our schooling with very basic school supplies.

5.  We like instant potatoes.  As long as they're Idahoan.

6.  Store-brand instant coffee tastes less bitter than name-brand.

7.  We gave Dollygirl an old handkerchief and a pair of old socks for Christmas.  (Well, they were made into things for a doll.)

8.  I am still wearing the retro-ugly Phentex-yarn slippers I crocheted, I think it was six years ago?  Something like these.  That stuff Never Wears Out.  Which is a good thing, in a way, because I'm a good crocheter but I have a hard time making slippers without lumpy toes.

9.  If you thought I was going to get all the way to ten, you're wrong.  Mr. Fixit has spent the last week recuperating from surgery (it went well), I'm just getting over the flu, and Dollygirl is a couple of days behind me on that.  Eight is all my store-brand acetaminophen-fuddled brain can come up with right now.  Or maybe that makes it nine.

You want to finish it off?  Your suggestions...


Mr. Fixit said...

Find an older car that has roll down windows and charge admission for people to see it. Take off the door panel so that the students in you area can view the straight cut gear and lever assembly in action. Then for fun mount a Northen Electric 500 series rotary phone on the dashboard and call it the first cell phone!, Mr. Fixit

Anonymous said...

I don't remember doing that, but it sounds like fun. Red Green would approve. --M.S.

Karen G. said...

When I was the US a couple of years ago, we stayed at missions apartment with a TV/VCR, but no reception and no DVD. I could rent "red box" DVDs for $1, but that was useless. I discovered that the local Goodwill sold videos for 99 cents. We bought what we wanted to watch...and donated them back! (Left a few at the apartment for future visitors. Mostly kid stuff.) We have a working VCR at home because all my homeschool high school math is on video...and I still have an 8 year old!

May said...

I use XP and I have VCRs (sadly no player, but I hope to find one!). I realised the other day that I was wearing a top I'd bought at least four, and probably more like seven, years before. My favourite fountain pen is leaky and the body is cracked so badly that I have to reassemble it every time I want to use it. You're not alone!

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