Friday, February 08, 2013

Good blog stuff to read and ponder

The latest Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival is up at Grace to Abide.  Lots of good stuff this time on the theme of authority and docility.

AfterThoughts has an extremely good post called An Antidote for Theological Naïveté.  "I'm not saying it's all bad. There are always diamonds in the rough, of course. I really could go on about the mediocre writing put out by most publishing companies these days, but truly it is the ideas that concern me."  Some great practical suggestions, especially in the area of Christian reading for grownups.

The Common Room also has a good post up today called A Charlotte Mason Education: Not Just About the Books.  "A Charlotte Mason education permits the child to develop his own relationship with the material, mind to mind, without the interference of a circus ringleader, giving him a show."

And Jeanne's daughter Jemimah got to tickle a platypus.  I think that kind of beats everything!

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