Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Thrift store Wednesdays: we aim to please.

There weren't a lot of boxes to unpack at the thrift store today, but there were more places than usual to put books, because we were having sort of a promotion with some extra tables and baskets of books near the front of the store.  So I priced some extra Ludlums and Cusslers and Grishams and things like that, to help fill up the tables.

I had customers ask me about books on railroads, Harry Potter, Thomas Pynchon, and hockey.  The Harry Potter question came from an older man who was looking for the books for his six-year-old grandaughter.  She wants to read them now, but her mother won't let her read them until she's seven...I found him a boxed set of three plus a colouring book.

We didn't have any Thomas Pynchon, but I brought out some Kurt Vonnegut and Ken Kesey from the back room, which made that customer pretty happy. 

This is what I found for the hockey lady:

No railroads, though.

And this is what came home:

Mystery and Adventure Stories for Girls, edited by Eric Duthie.  This is a companion book to The Lilac Story Book for Girls, a book I've had since I was really young, and it belonged to my aunt before that; it's also been a favourite of the Squirrelings.  Eric Duthie seems to have been a busy editor in the 1960s, since there are quite a few story collections out there with his name on them:  for girls, for boys, animal stories, "stirring stories," and so on.   He is/was obviously an editor with excellent taste!  This one includes stories by Gerald Durrell, William Mayne, Margery Sharp, Robert Louis Stevenson, Elisabeth Beresford, and Rosemary Sutcliff, among others.

Four Happy Hollisters books

A paperback of Taran Wanderer, which we didn't have

Mystery of the Haunted Pool, by Phyllis Whitney, for the Scholastic shelf.  (Scholastic TK 631)

Mapping Skills Activities & Outlines, which thrilled Dollygirl about as much as you can imagine it thrilled her.  Which is, not at all.  But Mama Squirrel was pretty happy to find it.

And a few little ribbon decorations for sewing on doll clothes.  That's all.

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