Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When babies get Kindled (and one homeschool freebie)

True story that somebody told me at church:

They were in a doctor's waiting room, and there was a small child (not sure how old) in a stroller.  He was handed a picture to look at--I guess a snapshot of someone.  Do you know what he did with it?  Put his thumb and finger on the paper and made the "bigger" flick-motion you do on a tablet or Kindle device, that increases the size of the picture.

It gives new meaning to the old joke about "I'm squishing your head."
On a more cheerful note:  you can download No Regrets: How Homeschooling Earned Me a Master's Degree at Age Sixteen, by Alexandra Swann, for free for the next couple of days.  I mentioned the Swanns' books back in August.  If you missed No Regrets then, this is your second chance.

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May said...

I'm actually quite tempted to conclude that this shows how intuitive the tablet interface is, but I have to admit that when I'm reading print books I try to turn the pages by pressing my thumbs down on the edge of the book... technology is infectious!

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