Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chesterton Quote for the Day: from "Envoy"

From Greybeards at Play, by G.K. Chesterton

The babe upraised his wondering eyes,
And timidly he said,
"A trend towards experiment
In modern minds is bred.

"I feel the will to roam, to learn
By test, experience, nous
That fire is hot and ocean deep,
And wolves carnivorous.

"My brain demands complexity."
The lisping cherub cried.
I looked at him, and only said,
"Go on. The world is wide."

A tear rolled down his pinafore,
"Yet from my life must pass
The simple love of sun and moon,
The old games in the grass;

"Now that my back is to my home
Could these again be found?"
I looked on him, and only said,
"Go on. The world is round."
Illustration by Ernest H. Shepard, from When We Were Very Young.

1 comment:

John@cool animals said...

Hearing this for the first time makes the beat of my heart go "Thug!". It is somewhat have a heartful meaning and every child should read it.

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