Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From the archives: And get that writing and drawing garbage out of my classroom

First posted August 2010

One more good reason to homeschool:
"In public school (yes, we’ve been there too… so I speak with authority on this subject) he used to get beaten up by the “tough” kids because he’d rather draw and write stories at lunch break … and the teachers told him (you won’t believe this)… “well, maybe he should keep his art and writing for at home and play football here at school so he can fit in more” !!!!"~~ "The Cost of Homeschooling" at Mom Loves Books

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TenArrows said...

Sickening, no? My eldest son, a bibliophile from the earliest age, was mercilessly bullied during his time at public school. The vice principal's advice? "Tell your son (then age 8) to get tougher."

Actually a blessing in disguise as it led us to the wonderful world of home education.

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