Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hampstead House Books: still going!

It's been a really long time since I did a post about Hampstead House, the remaindered-and-overstocked books place in Toronto.  Yes, they're still going, and yes, I still get their catalogues.  As I was rounding up a few things to take to our group's show and tell tonight, I realized again how many of our more unusual items have come from HH, over the years.  We have a really good five-senses kit that includes a working stethoscope; books with flaps, overlays, and things to pull out of envelopes; a boxful of Monet prints on canvas; a slightly offbeat Bible Life and Customs book translated from Italian; an oversized copy of Paradise Lost; and so on, all for very low prices.  I like used books too, but having an alternative (and underpriced) source for these things has definitely made homeschooling more fun.

So here's a sample of some of their current offerings--but check the website, because they only get a few copies of some items.

Origami on the Go, $6.99.  "Great fun for kids as they create 40 origami projects like a souvenir wallet, rainforest turtle, Canadian canoe, etc. And, they'll learn about the world with fun facts about cities and countries. Easy, colourful instructions, 100 sheets of detachable, colour origami paper, cool stickers. Ages 9+. 149 instructional pp. 8x7". Softcover."

KIDS' BOOK OF CHESS AND CHESS SET, $6.99.  "Everything your future Grand Master needs to start playing chess: 12x16" chess board, plastic playing pieces and a colourfully illustrated book that explains the fundamentals, including setting up the board, strategy, etc. 93 pp. 8x8". Softcover. Ages 7+.Pkg. size 12x8x1½"."

Early Learning Backpack: Numbers, $6.99.  "Imaginatively designed like a backpack, and made of sturdy cardboard with straps so your preschooler can wear it. Packed with fun learning tools incl. a Numbers & Counting Workbook. 64 pp. 7x9". Softcover. Plus a deck of 36 learning cards, encouraging reward stickers, etc. Ages 5+. 'Backpack' size 11x11"."

The Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding, $12.99.  That may sound like a lot, but we have this book and it's really beautiful.  "A wonder-filled read for youngsters who can keep a secret! They’ll explore pop-up doll houses of the Victorian and Regency eras, lift flaps, open envelopes for keepsake surprises, and more. It’s an unusual book, full of discovery and imagination. Colour illus. 28 pp. Oversize 10½x12"."

A Continual Feast, by Jan Karon, $5.99. "Words of Comfort and Celebration, Collected by Father Tim.
This delightful collection, presented in handwritten style, contains lively ideas, profound wisdom, and plain good humour from C. S. Lewis, Emily Dickinson, Helen Keller, G. K. Chesterton, etc. 178 pp. 6x9"."

Human Body, $9.99.  "For inquisitive young minds, it's an interactive tour through the human body. Vivid colour drawings are enhanced with dramatic pop-ups, active pull-tabs, wheels, flaps, etc. to explain muscles, respiration and digestive systems, etc. in terms kids ages 8+ can understand. 30 pp. 10x10"."

A Lakeland Sketchbook, $9.99.  "A joy for artists and admirers of the Lake District. 80 intricate pen and ink drawings by A. Wainwright let you explore Napes Needle, Pulpit Rock, St. John’s in the Vale Church, etc. Each drawing is accompanied by a simple map. 165 pp. 9x7"."

The Bookbinding Handbook, $12.99. 

The Math Handbook: Everyday Math Made Simple, $9.99.

The Historical Atlas of Judaism, $14.99.

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