Sunday, March 03, 2013

Quote for the day: Jostein Gaarder on snow angels

A young girl tries to explain to an angel what it is like to be human. 
"Sometimes we take off our skis and print angels in the snow.  That's fun!"

Ariel had replaced the skis.  He said, "We really appreciate that.  Besides, it shows how closely related human children are to God's children in heaven."

"Does it really?"

He nodded solemnly.  "In the first place, because you make angels.  You could easily have made something quite different.  In the second place, because you have such fun.  All angels like doing fun things."

"Don't you think grown-ups like doing fun things too?"

Ariel shurugged.  "Have you ever seen a grown-up skier take off his skis and lie down flat in deep snow to make angels?"

She nodded.  "Once Grandma did exactly that."

"There, you see!"


"She hasn't lost contact with the child inside her."  ~~Jostein Gaarder, Through a Glass Darkly

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