Friday, March 15, 2013

What's up in the Treehouse? Richard Greene in Lincoln Green, not to mention St. Patrick's Day

We are finishing our week of March Break.  Dollygirl saw a circus exhibit at a local museum (with a friend's family), and set up a dolls' St. Patrick's Day parade here with the same friend.  One of Ponytails' friends had a pizza-making and games night too. 

We've been watching some old episodes of Robin Hood (the series with Richard Greene) on DVD.  (More here.)

Both Squirrelings (not so "ling" any more, either of them) are going to a Pi Day party later today at our youth group leader's house.  We're sending Blueberry Crisp Pie from a recipe on this page--it's an old site, sorry about the popups.  I cut back somewhat on the sugar and just eyeballed some of the other amounts--it still worked out.  (I also replaced the crumb crust with pat-in pastry: crumbles on top plus crumbles on the bottom seemed a bit much.)

The Apprentice was here during the university's Reading Week, but we haven't seen a lot of her otherwise because she's busy with end-of-term projects and trying to find a summer job.  Last summer she worked at a hair salon, but she's hoping to find something different this year.

Mr. Fixit has been fixing and selling.  Tonight we have a date night (since the girls are out), if it doesn't start snowing too hard again.  This has not been one of those "surprise, it's spring already" Marches.

Photos by Dollygirl.  Copyright 2013 Dewey's Treehouse/Dollygirl's Treasures.

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