Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Festival of Frugality #386: Promises, Promises Edition

Welcome to the Festival of Frugality #386: Promises, Promises Edition! 
Featured post this week:
Money Reasons presents Is A Millionaire Promise Wrong? "As a young child (maybe 5 or 6 years old) I made a millionaire promise to my grandmother that someday in the future I would become a millionaire. She said surprised at my sudden “out of the blue” millionaire promise and said good and told me that she believe that I could do it if I tried hard enough."
This Festival of Frugality does not promise to make you a millionaire.
But we do promise that:
1.  You will pick up handy tips on keeping more of your money.

Financetube presents 5 New Websites That Save You Big Bucks.

Everything Finance Blog presents Want to Save More Money? Look at Your Waste.

MoneySmartGuides presents 5 Things to Remember When Buying a Car. "Do you have the money to buy the car of your choice? If you don’t have but still want to buy it, how are you going to finance the purchase?"

Green Panda Treehouse presents 10 Shortcuts For Always Feeling Amazing.

The Money Principle presents Would Batman need Life Insurance?    "Batman doesn't; but whether you need life insurance and how much you should check carefully."

Best Money Saving Blog  presents Some Hard Core Ways to Save More Money.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff presents My Online Addiction.   "Amazon, Craigslist, and Ebay are usually the first places I go for anything but food…and I sometimes even find specific food stuff on them too like Terry’s chocolate oranges..."

Canadian Budget Binder presents Do You Really Need Cell Phone Insurance?  "You would think with modern cell phone technology that they would figure something out so cell phones were protected from the average clumsy person dropping them. Even worse a child getting their hands on a cell to play pass the puck or toast the cell phone for breakfast."

Invest It Wisely presents You Can Avoid Living Paycheck to Paycheck, so you won't end up "eating stale crackers and a 2 year old can of peas for dinner because you don’t have the money for groceries."

2.  You Can Have More Fun With Your Friends! (and your family)

 PT Money presents 15 Mother's Day Gifts and Activities that Won't Blow Your Budget.  "Showing Mom you care doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, she will probably remember and appreciate the “together time” much more than any trinket you buy."

Financial Sprout presents 5 Cheap Dates for Frugal Romance.  "There are tons of great date ideas out there, that only cost a few bucks, and some of the best dates are the free ones!"

Simple Budget Blog presents Happy Birthday: Budgeting Your Child's Birthday Party. "We recently held a birthday party at our home for one of our children, and after years of throwing such shindigs we’ve almost perfected our routine."

 Penny Thots presents Grocery Shopping as a Family Affair.   "When you make it a family affair, everyone gets the chance to learn about good shopping habits, frugality, sales, loss leaders, unit pricing, math skills and sticking within a budget!"

3. You can learn how to set and meet financial goals!

Personal Finance Journey presents The Green Initiative - Lead an Eco-Friendly lifestyle.  "Did you know you CAN save the environment in a way that also saves your personal finances?"

Debt Free Blog presents Debt Dilemmas: Common Debt Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.  "People that don’t plan are typically in the market for things that they do not need. It is much easier to avoid the common debt mistakes when a person has time to think about what they are doing."

Frugal Confessions presents Finding and Pursuing Work You are Passionate About.  

The Ultimate Juggle presents Can Switching your Mortgage Save you Money?

Growing Money Smart presents Growing Money is More Than Math. Why is desperation a good financial tool?  "People that are desperate and determined to make it have a much better chance of making it than those that just go through the motions."

4.  You can be a brilliant home buyer!

"How far would you go to get your dream home? Would you endure mold? Thousands more than asking price? Anything the seller commanded?" Darwin's Money presents a true-life story of how getting emotionally attached to a home cost big bucks. [Family-friendly readers please note that there is some "language" in this post.]

Married with Debt presents Selling Our House Update.

Frugal Rules presents How Being Cheap vs. Being Frugal Can Hurt Your Mortgage Freedom Goal.

5.  You can become a fantastic homekeeper!

"The solution to finding room for baby might be where you least expect it; in a closet." Little House in the Valley presents Closet Nurseries.

Simple Finance Blog presents How I Shaved $25 Off Our Home Heating Bill.

Money is the Root. presents Ways to Make Money From Your Home.

Young Family Finance presents Tuning Up Your Home For The Summer

6.  Not to mention being a great parent.

My Family Finances presents 3 Common Mistakes Parents Make Teaching Children About Money.  "Yes it is definitely important to open up with your children about money, but that doesn’t mean you go overboard."

7.  You can learn useful new skills.

Prairie Eco Thrifter presents a great personalized party idea: How to Make a Two Dollar Seventy Five Cent Centerpiece.  

NZ Muse presents Three takeaway foods you can make at home.
Financial Ramblings presents How to Haggle Even if You Hate Haggling.

8.  You can make more money too!

ReadyForZero Blog presents Top 5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money.

Creating a Passive Income presents Too Much to Handle? How to Manage Multiple Streams of Income.

There, wasn't that worth it?
Thanks to all those who contributed to this Festival of Frugality!  Details of past and future carnivals can be found at the Festival of Frugality home page.  Next week's Festival will be hosted at Money Life and More.

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney photos from the Andy Hardy movies, The Wizard of Oz, and Easter Parade.


CanadianBudgetBinder said...

Thanks for hosting this carnival and including a CBB post!!

eemusings said...

Great theme! Thanks for the inclusion - I must admit, I'm big on promises and people who fail to keep their word get up my nose to no end.

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