Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quote for the Day: Aeneas in Carthage

This was the dictation Dollygirl wrote for this week's Grade Six exam.  The passage is from Edith Hamilton's Mythology.  Spelling is uncorrected.

As the two heroes explored the strange country, Venus disguised as a huntress appeared to them. She told them where they were and advised them to go straight to Carthage whose Queen would surely help them. Greatly reassured they took the path Venus pointed out, protected, although they did not know it, by a thick mist she wrapped around them. So they reached the city without interference and walked unnoticed through the busy streets.

As they gazed at the great temple they saw marvelously carved upon the walls the battles around Troy in which they themselves had taken part. They saw the likenesses of their foes and their friends: The sons of Attreous, old Priam stretching out his hand to Acchiles, the dead Hector. “I take courage,” Aeneas said. “Here too there are tears for things, and hearts are touched by the fate of all that is mortal.”

More explanation and translations of what Aeneas said (and the original)


Jeanne said...

Oh, that is magnificent! Well done, Dollygirl! What more can I say?

Mama Squirrel said...

Jeanne, I didn't mean to mislead you--it's not her narration, just an unprepared dictation. (In other words, Edith Hamilton wrote it; Dollygirl just spelled it!)

I just thought it was a great quote anyway, and I liked the way Edith translated Aeneas's words.

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