Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Thrift Store Wednesdays

Most thrift-shoppish, what-are-we-gonna-do-with-this thing that came in today: a pile of very dated craft books.  Not even old enough to be vintage, just old enough to be ugly.  Stuffed heads made out of pantyhose; felt and styrofoam and needlepoint in ghastly combinations.  Rather than put the whole works out for recycling, I figured that some customer out there might have enough sense of humour to pick them up...but I priced them extremely low to be on the safe side.

An even stranger thing we found in a box of books: a very large album, the kind with old discoloured adhesive pages, full of postcards mixed with family vacation snapshots.  Not much we could do with that one.

What came home?

Mama Squirrel found mini-Penguin copies of Aesop's Fables and Emerson's essay "Nature," and a vintage Scholastic copy of Page Boy of Camelot (you can tell I'm on a King Arthur spree lately).

But once again it was Dollygirl who really found cool-to-her stuff: an Only Hearts Club doll, and some Build-a-Bear clothes.  She also had the good idea of arranging a row of kids' books about dads on a display rack, for Father's Day.  Yay Dollygirl!

(The Apprentice was also a superstar by barbecuing pork chops and making real mashed potatoes to go with them.)


Rena Jones said...

Sounds like some great finds. And yeah, I totally would be the one to buy those craft books. ;)

Mama Squirrel said...

Maybe not the photo album, though?

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