Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quote for the day: Love in action

Mary Cassatt, Breakfast in Bed
"She was kind, but stern.  'What you need, Milady,' she said, 'is to love your poor children a bit more.'  'But I do love them,' I protested....'You don't love 'em as much as I do,' said Ellen [the somewhat outspoken maid].  'What you need is to do a bit more for 'em.  It's I who do all the work, not you....' What Ellen said made me think again.  I thought, love at its highest, like truth at its highest, is a creative thing.  Perhaps it is action, not feeling.  I was playing the part of a good wife and mother...but that, I saw now, was not enough.  That was not love.  Creative love meant building up by quantities of small actions a habit of service that might become at last a habit of mind and feeling as well as of body.  I tried, and I found it did work out like that.  Feeling can be compelled by action not quite as easily as action by feeling, but far more lastingly.  You may not believe me, but it's true."  ~~ Elizabeth Goudge, The Bird in the Tree
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Shannon said...

What a lovely and TRUE thought! Thank you for sharing.

(I must read more Goudge! I read Little White Horse to my girls, but that's as far as I've gotten.)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

That comment up there is from me. Oops! (I was logged in on my dh's computer.)

Barbara H. said...

I've often heard it said that love is an action verb, and I think I agree.

M.K. said...

Thank you for that Goudge quote! As I read it, I thought, "How true and how rich! I like how this writer is expressing this idea!" And then found it was Goudge. I hadn't read any of her books until I checked out Green Dolphin St. from the library last year, and just last night I finished the last pages of The Dean's Watch. So I'm becoming a Goudge fan like all my friends :) Excellent choice.

Cindy Rollins said...

Just catching up but glad I did not miss this quote.

Cheryl said...

Profound. Thank you!

hsmominmo said...

Powerful words.
thank you!

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