Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thrift store Wednesdays: just a few books, and a poem

What went to the thrift store today?  A pile of books and a bag of clothes.

What came home? A little folding stool for Dollygirl's room, and a bag of small toys she found; and a few books for me:

The Young Loner, by Bianca Bradbury (for the Scholastic shelf, #TX 1856)

Sir Ernest MacMillan: Portrait of a Canadian Musician, by Maureen Nevins.  Published in 1994 as a catalogue for this National Library exhibit.

The Seasonal Home, by Matt Wood.  A coffee-table-type book, just for the photographs.

T.S. Eliot, Collected Poems 1909-1962.
"When the familiar scene is suddenly strange
Or the well known is what we have yet to learn,
And two worlds meet, and intersect, and change... 
By whom, and by what means, was this designed?
The whispered incantation which allows
Free passage to the phantoms of the mind? 
By you; by those deceptive cadences
Wherewith the common measure is refined;
By conscious art practised with natural ease; 
By the delicate, invisible web you wove--
The inexplicable mystery of sound." 
from "To Walter de la Mare," by T.S. Eliot

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