Friday, July 05, 2013

Thrift store Wednesdays, on Friday

I haven't written much here this week.  I've been busy with more housecleaning, and then I got an idea for Dollygirl's Grade 7 that's kept me typing but not posting.  More on that to come.

But I did get to the thrift store Wednesday.  This will probably be our last summer volunteering there.  The store is moving to a big new building sometime in the fall, and when you combine their relocation with the uncertainties of a new school year (and Grade 7 at that), it seems doubful we'll be able to keep going every week.  But two and a half years is not too bad a run.

This is what came home:

A book of Starbucks summer drink recipes, for Ponytails.

An American Girl chapter book, for Dollygirl

An 80's book about robotics, for Mr. Fixit

Sir Walter Scott, by John Buchan  (another biography, and you can't miss with Buchan...well, okay, the last novel of his I tried to read kind of died partway through, but generally he's good)

Ten Philosophical Mistakes, by Mortimer J. Adler.

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