Saturday, August 24, 2013

Countdown to school: Some funny thoughts about cardboard

Jeanne has been poking me in my non-spatial places, since I am such a not-fan of cardboard modelling.

Well, I am not one to ignore good pokes.

Do you want to see the contemporary, geek incarnation of cardboard modelling?  Building cardboard computer-case prototypes with...this is too funny...somebody from Cumbria.  Kind of the ultimate sloyd adventure.

I also remembered that we have a couple of cardboard resources here.  Jane Thomson's Decorative Gift Boxes is not exactly Sloyd, because the boxes are pre-printed, punch-out and glue; but they might be a good place to start.  For instance, there are a couple of punch-out round boxes (a.k.a. cylinders or can shapes), and if you study those, you could easily figure out how to make your own larger round-based containers.

Kids Can Press also has a Making Gift Boxes book by Linda Hendry (now also out of print), which we bought a few years ago and haven't used much.  Again, it's not totally Sloyd, but it does include directions for making some of your own boxes (not just decorating premade ones).
So maybe we will pull out the cardboard (at some point) and let the inner engineers come out to play.


Jeanne said...

Splutter! This is harassment, I'm sure!

Naomi said...

Here is a lovely Japanese cardboard craft:

Maybe get the pretty paper and cardboard and see what they can come up with. Kill two birds with one stone - geometry and handicrafts!