Sunday, October 06, 2013

A video for people who don't like noise, noise, noise

Last Sunday's quote was from The Screwtape Letters, about the demons' enjoyment of noise and fear of quiet.  It might be dangerous for them to allow anyone time to think! Ray Bradbury used a similar theme in his 1953 story "The Murderer," and it was adapted for the Ray Bradbury Theater series in 1990.  Now, this is what you need to need to know about this story:  for once in this series, nobody gets murdered at all, or grabbed by aliens, or howled at by banshees, or anything.  It's not freaky Bradbury, it's funny Bradbury, totally family-friendly.  What the guy in this story wants to murder is...his fax machine.

This is the first ten minutes of the show; you can find the rest on You-tube.  (If you need further inducement, Bruce Weitz plays The Murderer and Cedric Smith is the psychiatrist evaluating him.)

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