Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frugal Finds and Fixes: Rummage Sales Rock!

Rummage sale last Saturday!
For $2.50, I got
Two books, The Chosen and a short story anthology
Nine issues of Homemakers Magazine

Discovery Toys' Stencils and Pencils, in a nice wooden box...unused, even the coloured pencils.
Unopened package of birthday loot bags
Unopened Christmas paper tablecloth
Two new spools of thread (there were more but I was trying to not to be greedy)
Spool of plaid ribbon
Seven pastel-coloured metal party-favour buckets with no bottoms (I'm not sure why no bottoms, but they could easily be filled in with cardboard or plastic disks)
Unopened bag of white pony beads
and the basket that all those things are sitting in.

Dollygirl found a couple of Disney movies.  Ponytails got a like-new copy of one of her favourite books.  Mr. Fixit found a great pair of speaker stands for $2, that normally sell for much more.

What else...well, we did the trip to the doll store last week, and that wasn't exactly frugal, but it was such an unusual event (for us), and meant so much to Dollygirl, that it seemed worth it.

Mama Squirrel went to a consumer focus group about carbon monoxide awareness, and earned some money from that.

We have parsley and lettuce in our flower beds that just came up without our trying; they seem to reseed themselves every year.  The rhubarb is also growing fast.
Mama Squirrel has been cutting up old clothes again to make doll clothes.  She also salvaged that purple sweater in front for herself. (No photos yet of the projects, but I will post some soon.)

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