Thursday, November 20, 2014

Things for you to outclick on (Charlotte Mason and more), and a funny typo

Top of the list today: Some people go to the Lake District and photograph the scenery; Jeanne busied herself taking pictures of old notebooks.  Guess which one we're more grateful for?

Afterthoughts has put together a holiday wish list for CM/Classical mothers. What's on yours? (I am having trouble getting some of the images to load, but it may be just us.)

Budget101 is featuring Homemade Vanilla Chai Tea Mix, MYO Evaporated Milk, and flavoured Coffee Creamers (made from sweetened condensed milk).

Also on the Budget101 site, I saw the following hint by a commenter, which (no offense to the writer) is unintentionally funny, or maybe not so much so since we're currently under a blowing snow warning:  
If you don't have snow you can still make a really cute snowman out of white yard & a little bit of sugar! Blow up balloons that are round and follow the directions for the sugar spun easter baskets...
OK, well, the white yard, we got.

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