Thursday, December 25, 2014

Making Christmas Dinner (photo post, now with comments)

Cookies and fudge
Sheri Graham's favourite bread machine roll recipe (we used half whole wheat flour)
Raw vegetable plate: carrots, pea pods, grape tomatoes, and a yellow pepper cut in stars
Cranberry-apricot loaf, oranges, and some very ugly figs because that's what the store had
Ready to put the hot things out.  On the menu: turkey breast, ham, white vegetable lasagna, roasted sweet potato slices, mashed potatoes (the instant kind), corn, salads, homemade cranberry sauce, rolls, raw veggie plate, pickled beets.  Chocolate star-shaped cupcakes with whipped cream squirtles, the cookie plate, raspberries, and the plate of oranges, figs, and cranberry loaf.
The paper napkins were from Food Basics. The matching cardstock for the stars and candy boxes was made by photocopying one of the napkins. We had extra napkins, so I folded some into triangles and glued them together to make a tree for the dining room mirror.

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