Thursday, February 05, 2015

Stuff to read today (and the February CM Blog Carnival)

Worthwhile reading in the blog world:

The Problem of Scientism in Conventional Education, by Jason Barney, at the Circe Institute Blog. "Educational schools have become labs, where white-coated practitioners test the latest theories on the thousands of children scattered in their suburban and inner-city habitats across America. The best teachers read the educational journals and carefully follow the latest research on how to most effectively manipulate the environments of their subjects in order to attain society’s desired ends. Scientism listens to evidence and data, not to history or philosophy."

Jeanne and Jemimah's work on Francis Bacon.

Did I link to this one already? Things I Am Not an Expert On, at To Sow a Seed.

And the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival for February is up at Fisher Academy International. This carnival, if you didn't see the January edition, has a new format: one or two submissions are "featured," and the rest can be accessed through a Linky. If you want to add something to the February Linky, you can still do that.

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