Friday, March 13, 2015

Quote for the day: A little, little area where I must rule myself

"I neither could nor would rule my King. (Pleasantly) But there’s a little . . . little, area . . . where I must rule myself. It’s very little—less to him than a tennis court." ~~ Sir Thomas More, in A Man for All Seasons, by Robert Bolt
Don't we all want that right?

Someone loaned Mr. Fixit a copy of Jean Vanier's five Massey Lectures, Becoming Human (1998). In the first lecture, Vanier lists several aspects of love, using the example of Claudia, a disabled woman living in one of the l'Arche communities. I think this makes a good point about respecting, celebrating and empowering each person:
"Assistants in l'Arche are not there to make people with disabilities somehow 'normal,' but to help them grow towards maturity....Nadine's role, as well as the role of the other assistants, was not to control, possess, or program Claudia, but to help her blossom forth into freedom, to encourage her to grow and to accept herself as she is. Claudia's life is her own secret."

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